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The world’s largest PE solid wall pipe crushing

EnMa P2000 series pipe crusher is currently the largest PE pipe crushing and recycling production line in the world. It adopts three rotors with diameter of 450mm, driven by an independent box-type reducer, and the design of low speed and high torque, which makes the whole operation process stable and low noise.

The diameter of the pipes to be crushed is from 200 to 2000mm, and the length of the pipe is mostly 6000mm. The pipe production line adopts 4 working links to achieve the effect of your direct reuse. 1. Crushing through EnMa P series for primary crushing, 2. EnMa CB series conveying to the granulator, 3. Precision processed by EnMa G series granulator to ideal size, 4. Finally, EnMa CP series air conveyer is used to remove dust from the granulated materials and collect them into bags.

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