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Cable Recycling Solutions

EnMa CC series cable recycling system provides standard or customized cable recycling solutions according to your requirements. The output range of standard solutions is 300-5000kg as input/production hours, and the output of customized solutions is 10000-50000kg as input/production hours. We also manufacture small production or individual cable crushers and separating equipments. EnMa CC series cable […]

See you in Dusseldorf, Germany K Show 2022

The time of the three-year K show is well designed, which happens to be the innovation cycle of the enterprise. ENMA also innovates some new products every three years, so we launch our new products at K show every time. At the exhibition this time, we will show the new modular design single type machine, […]

The world’s largest PE solid wall pipe crushing

EnMa P2000 series pipe crusher is currently the largest PE pipe crushing and recycling production line in the world. It adopts three rotors with diameter of 450mm, driven by an independent box-type reducer, and the design of low speed and high torque, which makes the whole operation process stable and low noise. The diameter of […]

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