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We focus on the research & development and manufacture of crushing and recycling equipment.

About enma

Since 1990

In 1990, ENMA was established in Lille, France. The name of ENMA appeared on the stage of history for the first time. We focus on the R&D and manufacturing of industrial waste crushing and recycling. The company name is made up of letters Excellence in Engineering, No compromise design, Made with pride, Advanced design.

Our Vision, Our Mission

Our vision for the future is what we want to achieve together.

“To be the best shredder and recycling equipment manufacturer in the world, and help customers to turn waste to value through our equipment.”

Our mission is “make our vision to be reality”.

Create value for customer

As an engineering and technical services company, we design and deliver all products and services with a customer-centric approach, and are committed to continuously optimizing the company’s internal processes.

Sustainability is more than a trend

It is an integral part of our corporate working principles. ENMA Group gives priority to environmental factors. We strengthen technology research and development, improve the high consumption of products, develop low energy consumption products, and completely abandon products that pollute the environment. During production, we choose energy-saving products and give priority to recyclable materials to ensure the sustainability of the enterprise.

Employee Development

We are committed to being a valued partner to our customers, and this can only be achieved through talented, motivated and skilled employees, who we train to help them understand customer demands and take advantage of our innovative products and services to tailor the most efficient solutions for them.


In order to promote the development of diversity, Mandy, CFO of ENMA China, initiated and encourage motivating ladies in company to share their work experience and spread workplace trick. Organizational diversity is a key of innovation, which is one of ENMA’s values and a core element of enterprise success.

Focus on the poor children

CEO of ENMA Group in Asia: Mr. Thomas, initiated “En-tong” Reengineering, “Ma-shang” Action Plan within the company, hoping that the global community will pay attention to the growth and education of the poor children, so that they can also obtain equal education. Thomas believes that knowledge can change the future, so he has been working hard to turn the global plastic waste to valuable products through ENMA (EnMa)equipment, and implant the concept of “reproduce the future” into his daily work.Welcome to act together with Thomas, discuss this project by sending email to tong@enma.fr, and build a bridge of love together.


No compromised only for

Excellence in Engineering

We aim at making your crushing recycling very different way through our experience of designing, and manufacturing the most advanced plastic crushing recycling solutions, which is a consistent philosophy of ENMA since its establishment in 1990. We are trying to achieve designs that used to be seen as unattainable.

However research is not the all. What is important is that we always pursue excellence and never compromise. In terms of business attitude, we focus on customers and employees and push us annually continuously, whatever we think “Good Enough” is only the purpose of the first step. We will always adhere to the pursuit of more advanced solutions and products.
“Beyond your expectations” is our commitment to our customers, employees, shareholders and society, so we never stop, because this promise is embedded in our blood and makes us never stopping.

Founded in Lille, France
20 million euro
190 employee
ISO 20 European CE
Machine manufacturing standard

Customer-centric is our business purpose,Our responsibility is to create value for our customers

ENMA around the world

Consider and Design for Sustainability

We are innovating our equipment, processes and crushing to recycle the wastes in the future,
because it is critical to our children's future.

Excellence in Engineering

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